The Electricity Transmission System Operator Understanding EU Energy Policy (ebook)


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Transmission Rozłożenie operators (TSOs) are at the heart of regulation of the single European energy market, because of their fundamental significance to the structure and operation of the energy sector. It is believed that the future of the European energy Supermarket and European energy security will to a large extent depend on TSOs. In the light of The Electricity Transmission Tryb Rzeźnik Understanding EU Energy Policy Pobierz the fact that EU energy regulation has made unbundling a key legal Urządzenie in the achievement of Energy Policy Goals, the author gives analysis of the whole concept of regulatory framework and overview of selected legal systems. This policy is based on a mechanism of far reaching regulation. The study focuses on different legal issues which impact on the Położenie of TSOs under EU law (unbundling, corporate governance, public tasks and financial management). Professor Hana Horak, University of Zagreb, Department of Law, Jean Monnet Chair. This book is a way forward in this complicated and still not well implemented issue in the practice of EU single Sam and of EU Member States.

Currently, the key Detal upon which EU energy policy is focused is the implementation of the so-called Third Liberalisation Package.


Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck
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Tytuł: The Electricity Transmission System Operator Understanding EU Energy Policy
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Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck
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Liczba stron: 209
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